Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye August; Hello September!

With one and a half weeks behind me, I can honestly say I am ready for more. I feel like there is still so much to know about my students. I gave them each an inventory the first few days in order to see how they feel about reading in general and a little about their past as readers. I am always amazed about how brutally honest they are! I also had them complete an inventory about their interests. Typically I read through them every year as a way to connect to students - this child likes football ask them about football; this child enjoys hanging out with friends and loves Justin Bieber. Remember to ask about a new album. However, this year I decided to use this form in a slightly different way. Using what topics they were interested in, I put a post-it note on their inventory with a few book recommendations. For example, if a child was interested in sports, I may have recommended Mike Lupica or Tim Green. Likewise, if a child expressed interest in scary movies and hanging out with friends, I may have recommended the Skeleton Creek series.

This is just another example of how reflection on a simple routine I do every year. I have changed the purpose of a tool I have used in the past and made it a little more focused.

Students took those post-its to our school IMC by the way, and instead of avoidance from those reluctant readers, a book was in their hands within minutes. I am anxious to see how they are enjoying them when we get back to school!